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Customization Services

ODM / OEM - it can be engineered, it can be brand changed!

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We can be involved in every step of the product cycle, from original design to prototyping, from rebranding to mass production, from packaging to delivery. Contact us to get started.


OEM stands for a company that produces goods that can be sold by other companies. By choosing this option, client import and sell third-party products under his own brand name. The manufacturer therefore produces its own goods, according to his own design, and then applies the logo of client company.

Unlike OEM, with ODM, the manufacturer first designs the goods according to the client's idea and then produces it. This means that, according to client requirements, it will adapt the product design. In this case, client company logo will also be placed on the product.

Not sure where to start?

With decades of experience in ODM / OEM design, we can guide you along the process and help you find what the requirements are for your project.

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